Agency and leadership in adaptation governance

Climate change adaptation could take place in a context that might be resistant to change, for instance because certain long standing policy principles and institutions might need to be altered, or expectations and legal rights of certain group might be affected. In such a context, leadership that readies the governance system for change, provides longer term visions, and applies new approaches will be necessary. Often such leadership will come from motivated individuals with a long lasting motivation, known as social or policy entrepreneurs. How can we analyze leadership activity conceptually, and what we do we know empirically about agency in the governance of adaptation?

Papers per session

22 March 13:30-15:15 session

23 March 09:00-10:45 session

  • On the implementation of climate adaptation policies: Public responsibilities and private initiatives? J. Dijk*, H. Mees, D van Soest, P. Driessen, H. Runhaar, M. van Rijswick, *Institute for Environmental Studies – VU Amsterdam, Netherlands – presentation
  • Pathways to regional resilience, T. Stecher, University of Oldenburg, Germany
  • Governance arrangements for climate adaptation: The case of green roofs for storm water retention in urban areas. H. Mees, P. Driessen, H. Runhaar, J. Stamatelos, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Download here the conference program on this theme.

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