For participants

We invited to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words on relevant issues before the 15th of October 2011.

We received 201 abstracts from colleagues in 36 countries.

All abstracts have been graded independently and anonymously by three members of our review committee, allotted on a random basis. Based on the grades we calculated an average grade for every abstract, and then ranked all abstracts accordingly.

In order to keep the conference at the intended size of 50 papers, we decided to accept the best 60 abstracts (and keep 10 abstracts in reserve), thus ensuring an acceptance rate of about 30%.
We are now in the process of informing all scholars that submitted an abstract on the results of the review process.

At the symposium, 30 minutes will be devoted to each paper, with papers presented by the author(s) and commented on by a discussant, followed by 15 minutes open discussion.

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