Keynote speakers

Ryan Plummer, Brock University, Canada

Ryan Plummer is professor of Tourism and Environment, director of the Brock Sustainability Research Unit, and Senior Research fellow at the Stockholm Resilience Center. He studies environmental governance and social-ecological systems, and is primarily interested in adaptive co-management, adaptive capacity, community-based management, social capital, social learning, resilience, and vulnerability. He is currently focusing on water governance in Canada and source water governance in First Nation communities.

Fostering governance and building capacity for climate change adaptation: can adaptive co-management help? Ryan Plummer, Brock University, Canada 


This paper explores the potential of adaptive co-management to foster climate change adaptation. Recent developments in environmental governance, its hybridization, and emerging core issues give context to the exploration. Against this backdrop, an overview of adaptive co-management is introduced. In drawing upon recent systematic reviews, the adaptive co-management literature is characterized, understanding gained from accumulated experiences to date is offered, and insights about its relationship with environmental governance presented. Although developed to address other resource and environmental issues, adaptive co-management is gaining attention as a governance strategy that may build capacity for climate change adaptation. It does this by fostering generalized adaptive capacity and offering a novel institutional arrangement to generate adaptive responses. Key questions emerging from this exploration are posed and discussed in an effort to advance the contribution of adaptive co-management to climate change adaptation.

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