Newly confirmed presenters per the 5th of December

  • Baasch, S. University of Kassel
  • Bauer, A. & Steurer, R. University of Natural Resources and Life
    Sciences, Vienna
  • Bauriedl, S. University of Kassel
  • Boyd, E. University of Reading
  • Clar, C. & Prutsch, A. University of Natural Resources and Life
    Sciences, Vienna
  • Dessai, S. & Tang, S. University of Exeter
  • Getachew, G. University of Bayreuth
  • Gottschick, M. University of Hamburg
  • Hasibovic, S. HafenCity Universität Hamburg
  • Hegger, D. & Dieperink, C. Utrecht University
  • Jägerskog, A. Stockholm International Water Institute
  • Junghans, L. Universität Trier
  • Kazmierczak, A University of Manchester
  • Lehman, J. University of Minnesota
  • Mumbunan, S. University of Indonesia
  • Munaretto, S, Sicilianoa, G, & Turvania, M University IUAV of Venice
  • Tomozeiu, D. University of Westminster
  • Verduijn, S. Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Widmer, A. & Hirschi, C. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
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