Workshop on uncertainty and climate adaptation (CIRCLE-2 Joint Initiative).

The CIRCLE-2 Joint Initiative is promoting the Workshop on Uncertainty and Climate Change Adaptation. The main goals of this event are to promote discussion and contribute with scientific insight by calling for the submission of abstracts that respond to the following question: How do decision-making processes on climate change adaptation, at the multi-decadal timescale, envision the future and deal with related uncertainties?We expect this workshop to deliver research on climate adaptation uncertainties that is both scientifically reliable and societal relevant. Therefore, we particularly welcome empirically grounded research dealing with the following questions:

  • Which particular types or combinations of uncertainties (e.g. climatic, environmental or socioeconomic) matter most for those participating in adaptation planning or decision-making process?
  • How can uncertainties be characterised and/or communicated to effectively inform climate adaptation decision-making processes?
  • How is scientific information in general and uncertainty in particular, commonly used or incorporated into decision-making processes in the broad variety of sectors presently looking at climate adaptation?
  • How effective have these approaches been in helping decision-makers or planners and how relevant are them to the challenge of climate adaptation?

Participation is open to all actors (e.g., scientific and communication experts; policy analysts; decision-makers; modellers; economists; etc.) working in the field of uncertainties in climate and climate change adaptation. In order to take part in the workshop, participants must submit an abstract of up to 3 000 characters, including spaces, on the online submission form, by no later than June 1st 2012. After submission, abstracts will be analysed and selected by the Workshop scientific committee, until June 15th 2012. If selected, authors will be invited to present a full paper by September 21st 2012, to be discussed in Lisbon during November 8th and 9th of 2012.  Selected papers will be part of a Special Issue to be submitted to peer-reviewed journal by April 2013. The Workshop will be conducted in English and will be held in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, in Lisbon, Portugal. There is no registration fee.

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